Lauren Bacall Shares a Limousine

The epigraph to the book is a quote by Emily Dickinson: “If your Nerve, deny you—Go above your Nerve—“. And the book is also dedicated to women who lived and live “above nerve.” Which women, in particular, did you think lived above nerve?

Kelli Russell Agodon in her comment on the back cover describes Erickson’s poems as “accessible.” Do you agree with her? Are there any poems that you find hard to understand?

These poems are written in the first person, the author speaks in the voice of the subject of the poem. Does her interpretation sound authentic? Is the voice for each woman unique? What techniques does the author use to differentiate the women’s voices?

What surprised you about any of the women, especially those who are well known?

Are the lives of these women relevant for today’s women?

Did the mixture of humor and seriousness work for you? Why? Can you cite a particular poem that is both humorous and serious? Are there instances when the mixture seemed forced or did not work? Explain.

Which poem in Lauren Bacall Shares a Limousine would you chose to share with a friend?